Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What's really important to take care in the off season.

Coaches need to remember their job is two fold.  They must improve the players that they have coming back.  At the same time they must make an investment in their own professional development.

1.  Give them a little time off....just a little and then convince them its time to begin work on the next year.
2.  Evaluate what each players strength and weakness is and how they could possibly help out the team next   year.  Communicate those realizations with them.
3.  Physical training - plan and clearly impliment all phases of off season training.

1.  Evaluate what you did well as a coach and what you struggled with.
2.  Identify clinics, speakers or videos that will help you improve on what you need.
3.  Read a book about coaching philosopy and character, you won't read that book during the season.

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