Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Voice Thread

This is another tool that I looked at which could have some really cool applications for coaches.  A group could review, evaluate and comment/coach up a play that was downloaded by the head coach to review or critique.

Spill technique

I published this post as a great example of the spill technique.


This is a really cool tool that I am too scared to fully take advantage of.  I posted the presentation that I gave last weekend at the WNY coaches clinic.  If you go onto sites like you will see many coaches who have posted video of plays, great tool.

Images and copyright issues

It was pretty interesting to learn how to bring in images into my blog, at some point I may bring in some plays.  Bringing in images that are not mine are another story.  I will be very careful to choose what items I might bring in from the internet.  Copyright issues are very tricky but if you take your time and do your homework you will be fine.  It is an important skill to understand that will add something to your blog.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Long lost picture of me from my first coaching position.  Edited this on Befunky.